About us

Working Together

SHPCA is a federation of GP Practices reaching from Bordon, down the A3 corridor to Fareham and Gosport, and across to Hayling Island. We have come together to develop a sustainable, high-quality, patient-focused primary care service for our local communities.

We are an innovative, vibrant, and clinically-led GP federation. Our eye is on capturing future business opportunities that present to primary care, moving these services forward swiftly and at scale. Our key stakeholders include member practices from the localities of Fareham, Gosport, Havant, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Waterlooville, and East Hampshire.

Our primary working relationship is with our member practices and their Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across South Eastern Hampshire and Fareham & Gosport localities. To provide and strengthen our range of patient services SHPCA has developed successful working relationships with other local NHS healthcare providers.

These partnerships include:

Our vision

We acknowledge that due to ever-increasing demands on the health service, working at scale is imperative to ensuring the continuity of Primary Care Services for the future.

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We work collaboratively with partners and pre-existing health organisations to provide ongoing care for our patients, relatives, and carers. We strive to support our member practices in delivering high-quality, holistic care for our population.

Our values

We believe that everyone should be able to access healthcare and not be penalised by race, religion or gender and that access to care needs to change with the times.

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We aim to provide safe, effective, and integrated services at scale – designed and delivered collaboratively.

Listening to our population within our member practices will enhance local healthcare in our community.

We recognise that the lifeblood of General Practice is the Registered Patients List.

Innovative, ambitious and flexible in all that we do.

Dignity and respect is something we actively promote.

Our aims

We aim to provide innovative, safe and effective clinical services that impact positively on the health outcomes of our shared practice populations.

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We aim to work collaboratively with stakeholders, especially other clinical services, in order to provide gold-standard care for our patients.

We understand that our shared practice population is the key to our services and understanding and listening to what our patients want and need is crucial.

We endeavor to ensure that all people within our shared practice population are able to access our services. Whether young people, families, workers, students, the elderly, or those with long-term health conditions or mental health problems, we aim to provide a holistic and high-quality service.

We aim to be transparent with our feedback both to our service users and to our staff.

We aim to engage staff working within our services and to use their ideas and suggestions to improve future work.

We aim to constantly re-evaluate local services that may become available for tender and draw them into our alliance in order to provide increased services for our shared population.

We will always aim to embrace the latest technology in order to provide the most effective patient journey, facilitate reporting, and allow feedback from our patients.


Dr Janet Naylor


I have supported the Extended Access project from the start and expanded into Out of Hours provision seeing how the pressure within primary care can be supported from all areas.  I want to make a positive difference to the patients, and to the members of the Alliance, my role centering on Information Governance, and HR.

I have supported the Extended Access project from the start and expanded into Out of Hours provision seeing how the pressure within primary care can be supported from all areas.  I want to make a positive difference to the patients, and to the members of the Alliance, my role centering on Information Governance, and HR.

Dr Kathryn Bannell


GP Partner, Grange Surgery, Petersfield

I work at the Grange Surgery in Petersfield and have been practicing there since 2003. My clinical interests are in paediatrics and child health and I am the lead practitioner for mental health for our PCN.  I am also a GP trainer and enjoy assessment. I have been an examiner for the Royal College of General Practitioners for the past 14 years in the post-graduate GP exam.

I became interested in locality and cross-organisational working in the national “vanguard” projects a few years ago and was one of the three GP leads for Hampshire in the early work. This has led on to my involvement with the Southeast Hants primary care Alliance and I am proud to chair an organisation which has stood up so many important services during the covid pandemic and remains flexible to the needs of our practices and population.

Dr Dean Hatfull


GP Partner, Centre Practice, Fareham

I have been a GP Partner in Fareham since 2001 and have a keen interest in medical education. I have been a trainer since 2006 and locality group convenor. I trained initially in respiratory medicine and maintain an interest in General Practice as well as elderly care and cardiology.

I have been involved in all manifestations of the local unscheduled care system over the years as both a worker and managerially. After being elected to the South Hants Primary Care Alliance board a large part of my portfolio surrounds the ongoing management of the new Integrated Primary Care Access Service which patients often recognise as GP Extended Access. 

The Team

Chris White

Head of Operations

I joined SHPCA in May 2022 as the Head of Operations, after moving across from the University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust. 

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During the previous fifteen months I worked within the Executive Team on the Covid Pandemic ‘Moonshot’ Programme. This was an amazing venture where the team delivered a world-first, fully industrialised and purpose-built saliva testing laboratory. This testing facility was capable of testing tens of thousands of saliva samples daily, with the results reaching members of public the same day. Prior to this, I had spent my first career working within the blue light services, before a chance opportunity presented itself to transfer my extensive leadership skills and senior management experience to work within the wider public service. Working for SHPCA to deliver a highly effective and first-class Primary Care service is challenging, but it is also a hugely rewarding venture and one which provides significant job satisfaction.  

Keira Clayton

Head of Clinical & Quality Delivery

I have worked within the NHS for the last 15 years across various nursing roles, predominately in acute hospital settings. In 2022 I moved into primary care and joined SHPCA.

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As the Clinical Services Manager I am very passionate about building safer systems and making sure there is a supportive safety culture in place.

I believe everyone has a vital role to play in continuous improvement and it must continue to be a key priority. 

My personal interests are patient safety, quality assurance and governance. I work with the Head of Clinical Services & Quality Improvement to manage the effective implementation of clinical interventions, designed to enhance the operation and quality of clinical services we offer. Continuously evaluating through clinical governance and audit.

At SHPCA we promote collaborative, effective, and efficient working across our teams.

Alison Sampson

Shift Manager

I’ve worked for the service since 2018 on a part time basis then as a shift manager since 2021. I am part of a team of 5 and my job is to coordinate the shifts and to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients and staff. 

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I have worked for the NHS for many years, primarily as a community midwife. I bring many transferable skills to the service, and I continue to expand my knowledge working for SHPCA.

Jemma Athersuch

Senior Shift Manager

I’ve worked for SHPCA since August 2021 as a Shift Manager. I have 14 years of experience working within the NHS. My first role was when I joined QA Hospital as the Junior Doctors rota coordinator in 2009. After 5 years I decided to change direction and move to the A&E department.

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Here I gained my Health Care Certificate qualification and worked as HCSW for many years. I then completed a secondment as the Admin manager supporting over 30 staff members across the department.

Jade Whittle

Shift Manager

I have worked at SHPCA since January 2022 prior to this I have worked with in the NHS for over 10 years. I have worked at PPCA , Portsdown Group Practice, Single point of access and Hdocs.

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Job roles ranging from call handler to operational support. I feel the experience and knowledge I have gained has given me a good in sight to my current role at SHPCA.

Tony King

Shift Manager

I joined SHPCA in 2020 following a 20-year career in business management. Initially involved with the development of the COVID virtual ward.

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I have subsequently moved into the role of shift manager.

Jo Grufferty

Finance Lead

I am a part-qualified ACCA accountant who has worked in Finance for over 35 Years, during this time I have developed and gained a broad skillset along the way. 

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I started working for SHPCA in November 17 to control the finance for the company, I have set up Quickbooks and various spreadsheets to monitor the daily finance spend and as I have a good excel understanding I am also able to help my team when they need help.

Jo Sheil

Senior Business Administrator and DPO

I have over 12 years’ experience working in management roles within Primary Care and previously 20 years within the banking industry the last 10 of which as a Branch Manager. 

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My experience and professional qualifications include training, coaching and mentoring of new Managers, HR and adhering to Employment Law guidelines and Banking advice and practice. Having joined Southern Hampshire Primary Care Alliance in October 2021 I am really pleased to be able to utilise my transitional skills and experience within this role. This includes Senior Business Admin and Data Protection Officer.  In this capacity I aim to monitor internal compliance, inform and provide advice on our data protection obligations.

Lisa Baker

IT Manager

I joined SHPCA in 2020 as IT Manager and my key responsibilities are to ensure we have a robust IT system in place, future proofing and developing our Strategic digital plan. 

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I have worked for the NHS for 22 years in a variety of roles with my longest being 13 years in the Primary Care Team at the CCG. The role was mainly Primary Care IT focused as well as developing services and Practice engagement.

Jo Gonzalez

Hub Lead

Formally a Professional Dancer for 10 years and traveling The World, the time came for me to get myself a ‘real’ job!  So, in 2000 I started working at NHSDirect.  

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Unfortunately, this service was closed in 2013 and I was moved to the 111 service, where I stayed until 2022. Currently, I am working for SHPCA as a Hub Lead Manager and loving every minute…!!!

Marina Walder

Workforce Administrator

I have worked for SHPCA since March 2022, before that I worked for QA Hospital Portsmouth for 16 years, firstly in Customer Services and then as Team Leader for the Helpdesk and Switchboard.  

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I was brought in to help the Resource Manager as and when required. I help with the resourcing of workforce, build clinics, sort out cancellations and approve shifts. I oversee the statutory training to make sure everyone is compliant which includes run ad-hoc reports as and when requested.  I help with the admin for the Lab Reports regarding bloods.  I am really enjoying working for a lovely team and working towards building a forward-looking business structure which helps both patients and services alike.

Helen Lovering

Data Reporting Analyst

I joined SHPCA in June 2022. Originally from Portsmouth, I have just returned after spending the last 9 years living in Oxford and Reading. I have no previous public sector working experience.

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I have not worked in the public sector. My previous experience was with a multinational internet security company. I gained a degree in Zoology from Sheffield University and have been working as a data analyst since graduating.

Jamie Hooper

Finance Assistant

I joined the Alliance in April 2022. My role is to assist the Finance Officer, carrying out day-to-day finance tasks within the organisation. 

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I have 13 years’ experience working in similar finance-based roles across a variety of settings, including law firms, letting agents, and a housing association. I also previously worked in the pharmacy of a large hospital, which has given me an insight into the healthcare system.

Dawn Delahoy

Senior Operations & Service Manager

I have been with SHPCA since December 2017 but have worked for the NHS since 2012.

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My role is to make sure we have sufficient staffing, the rotas are filled, and the clinics can run! I have seen lots of changes and growth with the Alliance and feel we still deliver great services to support patients locally.

Vicky Shepherd

Shift Manager

I joined SHPCA as a shift manager in 2024 and have seen the service grow from strength to strength.  I also work as a Practice Administrator at The Grange Surgery and have been with them for 6 years.  

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I am proud to be part of a great team.

Sophie Hillsden


Following a policing career of 18 years, for childcare reasons I chose the NHS path of a more local GP surgery where I worked on reception since 2019. I loved the patient interaction in particular, and the variety of no two days being the same!

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In Nov 2019 I joined the GPEA service in addition, working on reception for all hubs including the UTC. This pathway obviously introduced me to SHPCA where I currently am based at Waterlooville assisting in all admin duties predominantly ‘in hours’.

Louise Lear

Shift Manager

I have 17 years of NHS experience. I started in QA in the emergency department and then moved into primary care where I have spent the last 8 years.

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Business support and IT alongside operations issues were my main role. I have worked for SHPCA since 2022 first on the bank and now as a shift manager.