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2022 Healthwatch Network Campaigns Calendar

4-Jan World braille day
17-23 Jan Cervical Cancer Prevention Week
Feb LGBT History Month
1-Feb Dignity Action Day
4-Feb World Cancer Day
7-13 Feb Children’s Mental Health Week
7-13 Feb Student Volunteering Week
21-27 Feb Eating Disorders’ Awareness Week
1-Mar Zero discrimination day
8-Mar International Women’s Day
16-Mar Young Carers’ Action Day
20-Mar World Oral Health Day
April Bowel Cancer Awareness Month
April Stress Awareness Month
April Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
2-Apr World Autism Awareness Day
4-Apr Auditory processing disorder awareness day
7-Apr World Health Day
May Stroke Awareness Month
2-6 May Dying Matters Week
3-8 May Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week
4-9 May Deaf Awareness Week
5-May International midwifes’ day
9-15 May Mental Health Awareness Week
12-May International nurses’ day
16-22 May Dementia Action Week
June Pride month
1-7 June Volunteers’ Week
7-12 June Carers’ Week
10-17 June Diabetes’ Week
14-Jun World Blood Donor Day
14-20 June Men’s Health Week
21-27 June Breathe Easy week
24-Jul Samaratians Big Listen
28-Jul World Hepatitis Day
1-7 Aug World Breast Feeding Week
3-9 Sept Organ Donation Week
5-10 Sept Migraine Awareness Week
10-Sep World Suicide Prevention Day
17-Sep World patient safety day
20-26 Sept International week of deaf people
21-Sep World Alzheimer’s Day
20-26 Sept National Eye Health Week
23-Sep International day of sign languages
25-Sep World pharmacists’ day
October Black History Month
October ADHD Awareness month
3-9 Oct Dyslexia Awareness Week
8-Oct World Hospice and Pallative Care Day
10-Oct World Mental Health Day
14-Oct Developmental language disorder day
November Movember
2-Nov National Stress Awareness Day
14-Nov World Diabetes day
14-20 Nov (TBC) National self care week
20-Nov Transgender Day of Rememberance
21-Nov COPD Awareness Day
25-Nov Carers’ Rights Day
1-Dec World AIDS awareness day
3-Dec Day of Person’s With Disability
5-Dec International Volunteer Day